Extracting Html Data from a web Recording

I have started using UiPath recently and am working on a task where I need to get the “id” of a label tag extracted(in a string form so that i can use it further) from the selector of a click action in a Web recording sequence. How can I get it?
<li id="product_cat-1054"><label class="selectit"><input value="1054" type="checkbox" name="tax_input[product_cat][]" id="in-product_cat-1054"> Zurfiz Matching Edge</label></li>
This is the html code of the element that I’ve selected.
Below is the code that the selector shows.
<webctrl id='in-product_cat-1054' tag='INPUT' />
I need to extract the id from the code in the selector. Is there any way I can do it?

Thanks in advance.

Try this @Virang_Parekh

Trying it out. Thanks. :smile: