Extracting from LinkedIn - Randomized ParentId

Hi, I am trying to extract data from search results from LinkedIn

E.g. keying in “John Smith” into the search box and then using Data Scraping to get structured DataTable with the search results

However there is a randomized component which keeps changing every time I conduct the search so I can’t accurately pinpoint the start of the table.

<webctrl parentid='ember123' tag='UL' /> Where 123 is the randomized component.

If I use wildcard ‘ember*’ then it will pick out a random component on the screen which is totally unrelated to the data i’m trying to capture

How do I capture this value every time for Data Scraping?


Is there any way to find the static selector by using UiExploer ( Example: aaname, Innertext )
if yes then Please make that as exact selector to identify that particular Uielement.



Can you check the Attach Browser selector and validate it for two or three searches.

Eg: Manually Search “John Smith” and Open Attach browser selector click on validate and in the same way do it another search item.
If Validate is not green for any of them then the issue is with Attach Browser selector.

Can you please try this selector : “” and try to run the bot.


<html app='chrome.exe' title='*| LinkedIn' />