Extracting episodes content to a data table from imdd page

  1. hey guys! whats uppp

how would you extract unstructred data from this imdb page of episodes content?

i need to extract title, date, rating and sinopse from all episodes of a specific season. i tried data scrapping but it keeps not allowing me. i need to pass it to a data table

You can use Table extraction feature in Uipath.

Click on Table Extraction
Indicate on the first element(Title)
Indicate on the Second Element(Date)

So Table extraction feature will create a pattern based Datatable.

Uipath- Table Extraction| How to extract table and pattern based data| Extract URLs

The problem is that on my uipath it only shows “screen scraping” and “data scraping” :hot_face:


Use the data scraping activity


Its not working. I believe it might be unstructured data🙁


Can you go to setting and enable modern design. Then you will able to see

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