Extracting datatables from emails

Hi all, I am currently having an issue with my workflow. I am looking to display table data extracted from multiple emails in an email folder to excel. The emails are all in the same format and only the table is dynamic. I am using the ExtractDatatablesFromHTML activity. However, when I do a count of mailTables, the output is 1. Which also means that there is only one datatable extracted from the email folder and stored into the array of datatable. Thanks for the help in advance!

Get-Table-From-Email-With-UiPath.zip (16.5 KB)

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Hi @Bobby_tan

Have you tried looping through mail messages and extract datatable from HTML activity it has to work
Let’s see


Try this and let me know your feedback. Cheers!!!

Yes, I did. I have attached my workflow above. I just can’t seem to figure out why as well.

Hi, may I know the name of the extension please? Thank you!

Enable GO! in settings and search for html to datatable as shown below.

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