Extracting data using regex

Hi this is very urgent. Could anyone pls help me out. I want the extract the account name before “(abcd)” occurs first time in string. i.e I want to extract the text “Advantage Silver account” using regex.

Open Sole Current account (xyz free) 7 September 1999Converted to Student account (xyz free) 1 July 2002Converted to Student account (fee free) 8 August 2002Converted to Advantage Silver account (abcd) 4 November 2009Migrated to Select Gold account (abcd) 24 July 2015

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You can use this Regex “(?<=to)[A-Za-z ]+(?=[(]abcd[)])” which will select all the accounts before (abcd) and you can use for each and loop through and after retrieving first one you can break the loop.


Thank you very much… it worked:)

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Thanks a lot it worked

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