Extracting Data Table from CSV

Hello friends (@rkelchuri, @Ninett_Panfir, @Rammohan91, @balupad14, @loginerror, @MAHESH1 ),

how is it possible to etract the content of a .csv file as a DataTable with the correct columns, originally separated by a “;” in the csv file?
Here there is the xls file corresponding to the csv file.

16797_261118 - Copy.xls (75.4 KB)

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it’s very urgent.
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Hi @CamiCat

well since the xls files have already Semicolons “;” as delimiter, you only need to change the extensions of the files to .csv and then use Read CSV activity and change the Delimiter option to Semicolon like this :

after this you’ll have a datatable that you can play with as you want…

you can save it using write CSV activity and you will have the format that you want.

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Thank you @reda.
I tried the Read CSV file but it says It is already opened.

How can I close all Excel instances?
"System error at initialization: The process cannot access the file ‘*’ because it is being used by another process. at Source: Invoke workflow file: Read CSV
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Weird I also had the same problem when I was trying to open you xls file for the first time…
I ended tasks from Details under Task Manager and end task
hope it helps.

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You can use Kill process activity and in the process name property you can give "Excel


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