Extracting data from text

Hello There,

I"m trying to extract data from text that has regular structure. End effect I’m looking forwad would be table with first mentioned PERSONALid in column A, rest of them in column B, And Orichalcum Access: value in column C.
I do know that always there will be at least one pair of PERSONALid, but i do not know how many other will be in added/removed as pair to first user.

What is best way to handle this kind of input?

`- PERSONALid: 174561255

  • Name: Jennvwehifer Oswetrogwewski
  • Role: EA
  • Contractor: NO

The For User field in SAT (the Orihalcum will have access to create and
submit documents for this person)

  • PERSONALid: 74707568

  • Name: Antrfgdy Lusgfhjse

  • Orihalcum Access: Remove Access

  • Role: AM

  • PERSONALid: 123334508

  • Name: Guabnmng Yammbng

  • Orihalcum Access: Remove Access

  • Role: AP

  • PERSONALid: 74275675

  • Name: Khalwered Hashtwryem

  • Orihalcum Access: Remove Access

  • Role: Sr. Expert

  • PERSONALid: 702345684

  • Name: Orrtyen Eizetynman

  • Orihalcum Access: Remove Access

  • Role: EP

  • PERSONALid: 90456707

  • Name: Wasdfgim Lahgla

  • Orihalcum Access: Remove Access

  • Role: AP

  • PERSONALid: 1227457432

  • Name: Rasfman Ramafghfdjnathan

  • Orihalcum Access: Alfa and Beta Report

  • Role: Partner`

I fear I’ll get a lot of those type of things in the future, and I’m not aware of any best practices :frowning: Please assist

I am not sure what exactly you need but try using regular expression (regex) if you know the pattern for fields. Read the file / UI and and convert it in a table or excel.
For e.g. - The regex will help you identify the field PERSONALid: then you can use that to extract whatever length of string you have after the “:”

If I try this I get collection of items of weird type image
How can I remove first element from this collection? (Than I could just iterate trough collection performing action for each value)

I meant output like this form example message:

First personalID in list id to be connected Level of access
174561255 74707568 Remove Access
174561255 123334508 Remove Access
174561255 74275675 Remove Access
174561255 702345684 Remove Access
174561255 90456707 Remove Access
174561255 1227457432 Alfa and Beta Report


From where you are getting this input, from excel file or text file. what is the source file format for this input.

It is pure text - extracted from email body

See if this helps