Extracting Data from text from web

I am having below type of Data.

I want to extract value from EEE for each record except checkbox one data we are not extracting for checkbox record. This is for 1 project in similar way i had other record. How to extract data


Try using get text and read the entire string into a variable and scrape the text with “substring” function with index of your search string followed by length

Thanks this EEE might get change so do we have something in regex i am not very much familiar with regex. actually i am also not very old in uipath too.


Even for regex there should be a pattern associated, can you check if there is such a pattern, let me know I will be helping you with the regex

I just confirm data start with EEE please help me in regex

Please help me out in regex building

Can u show the data what u get when u use get text ?

Below is the data… Third one is checkbox one


Which data u need to extract , is it EEE or number after EEE @Puneet_Singh1

The whole number including EEE like EEE-0C1-CY5 the full text after EEE

@Puneet_Singh1 - Please refer the xaml file and you expected output is available.

Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:

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