Extracting data from SQL table and passing it to the Email body in table format

Hi all,

I need to extract the dynamic data from the SQL table and trigger mail with the extracted data being inserted in the body of the mail in the table format.
And data is doesn’t have fixed number of rows and columns,
Ex: 1-row & 6 columns and next time the table will get updated and it will become like 3-rows & 7 columns
This data i need to pass it in the trigger mail body in the table format.
If any one has the any idea on how to do this, please do share it. I am really i need of it.

Thanks in advance.


You can read the data from SQL Database using database activities.
The result will be in a datatable, so using that datatable you can convert it to html string and send it in the mail with html format.


Refer this snippets to know how to convert datatable to html format.