Extracting data from readmore option in a loop

Hi, I would like to extract the data after clicking the read more option in weblink and I have a similar set of data for extracting in the same link, I can able to click each read more option in a loop but am not able to get data while extracting data from each read more option. I have used both screen scrapping and data scrapping but am getting only 1st data table value for all read more option in a loop, If I use wildcards in selectors am getting empty data can anyone give a solution for getting an extracted data in a loop.

Hi @DivyaT

Have you tried using get visible text



There some workarounds you have to do after expanding the ‘Read More’ button - I have attached a Test xaml will will give you all the results in an Excel file. Check it out and close this solution if that is what you wanted.

PS : Open the same URL in Internet Explorer which you have given in the question and directly run the XAML and you will get the result.xlsx in the relative path of your project.

here you go : Test.zip (11.8 KB)

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Thanks for the reply,I have used all get text activity but also am getting only first value in the loop if we change anything in the selector am getting only empty message window.

Thank you for the reply , I will check the code and let you know.

Hi , I have checked the code its working fine , Thanks for the reply, but in that read more data i have to extract the code along with the code details , for that where should i make changes in code either in extracting table r in set focus element?

I need excel like this , if you explain how to do exercise will be more useful for learning .

Well It works like a charm for me, with the code in Column0 and the ‘Read More’ details in Column1.

May I know what issue you are facing exactly?

Am not getting column0 ,I mean inside read more option first 3 digit number is there but am not getting that number along with explanation am getting only after numeric values in all rows so I have attached snapshot please check n let me know

I mean data inside read more option is not extracting properly after clicking the button.

It worked perfectly for me and I included the results sheet also. It’s pretty complex logic so I will have to go through it.

Hope you didn’t fiddle with the mouse or keyboard while the process was running.


Yeah , even run the program twice but am not getting the numeric digits.so am asking .

I hope you have understand my concern?

Yes, I will look through the work flow again and see why it’s giving you numbers whereas I was able to get the labels too.

Please wait for a while.

Hi,any update?

Is anyone can help me out in this for getting numeric code from that web scrape?

Hello @DivyaT
Please find the below attachment File. It’ll Scrape all the data and then you can perform your future conditions on it just check the data once and let me know if you don’t understand any thing
What i have done is quite simple just made some changes in selectors
Scraping Project.zip (572.6 KB)

am getting blank output in excel.

hello @DivyaT
I ran my program once again and i get this as an output
AllData1.xls (31.5 KB)
Delete all the existing Xls files from that folder and run it once again
& let me know
& Also check whether the page is loaded before scraping

ok, Thank you