Extracting data from MS Word and trasfering said data to MS Excel (database)

Good Day, everyone.

I hope ya’ll can help me with a project I’m working on.

Basically, I need to extract information (single fields of information) from MS Word documents and transfer this information into a MS Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet already has set column headers; the idea is to essentially append this spreadsheet with new data entries (one entry per MS Word document, all of which present the same set information but with differing values).

For example, lets say I have a word document with the following information:
Gaming Platform: PS4
Game: Witcher 3
Personnel Indenting: John Smith
Date: 26 Jun 2019

How can I append this to an existing Excel spreadsheet with the following columns set:

Gaming Platform Game Personnel Indenting Date
XBOX FIFA19 Jane Doe 19 May 2019

Looking forward to your insights, everyone!
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Hi @Spacecats7,
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You need two things to begin. First is to use Read Range to extract column name from excel. Second is to get text from word.
Then you can use regex expression with use of Matches activity. Example:
Finally using Append range activity put necessary data to particular column.

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