Extracting Data from All documents of same type

I am trying to extract data from all documents of same type Can anyone please tell me how can i achieve this?

Hi @Seema_Jethe

Please specify the document file type. Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy Document type is cancelled cheque

Hi @Seema_Jethe

I want to know the type of the file.

For example: In which format you are receiving the cancelled cheque (PDF or Image or Excel etc.)
Kindly specify the file type to discuss more on the solution.

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy i am receiving the cheque in jpg image format. Can u please let me know which would be be the best way to extract proper data from all cheques in image format

Hi @Seema_Jethe ,

Here is solution for your requirement.

Step 1: Keep all the cheque image files in a folder and loop through to open images one by one.
Step 2: Follow the below OCR based activity to get the specific value from the image file.



Hope this will help you. Thank you.


you can try with Document Understanding. for that you need to install the 2 packages

1.UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities from All Packages
2.UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities from official


@Jobin_Joy I tried your solution but it works for only the document which i have used for extraction and not for any other document.


Please follow the step 1 which I mentioned in my previous post. (Looping)

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy I have tried looping also as u mentioned but it works for only the cheque which i have used for extracting data and not for any other cheque of same type
Below are the screenshots

Kindly share the selector for ‘Get OCR Text’ activity. Please open it on UiExplorer and share a full screenshot here.

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy below is the screenshot of selector

Looks like your selector is good.
Anyway can you please check whether the app id in the selector is same when we open different images.

If you can able to share 2 or 3 sample images and your code means, I can check.

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy I have checked the appid is same for all documents Below is my flow and few documents
Main.xaml (87.6 KB)

Pan Card

Looks like PAN card with different layout here, old card and new card.

It might be bit difficult to exact since PAN card with different layout present.

Another workaround will be exact whole text from each image and apply a regular expression to
find the specific data.

Ex: PAN: Alphanumeric of length 10.

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy Could u please tell me what would be the regular expression to extract data?

Here it is

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy So this would work for PAN card of any layout?

@Jobin_Joy How can i store the regex result in variable? can u please help me with this?