Extracting data as per the filters and last updated "data"

I have filtered with respect to column "Ban"
now i want to select the row in which has the last “bill month” and then i want to extract the “Actual Balance Amt” of that last bill month.

Consolidated_Finance_Report_Example.xlsx (78.8 KB)

Can anyone help?

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what this means buddy
Cheers @AryanSingh

I’ve attached an example of what should work for you. Due to the dateformat this actually pretty simple, simply the largest number will do to get the last bill month so after filtering you just need to extarct the largest number, i’ve provided one method you can use :slight_smile: Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

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Please check the excel file. In that there is a Column named “Bill month” in that i have to extract the value of “Actual Balance Amt” of the last update month.


Hey Elliot
Thanks… but i have already extracted the max month data.
What i want to extract is this

just like this different “Ban” will have different values of updated last “bill month”. So i want to extract “Actual Balance amount”.

Check the picture.

Ah well all you need to do is grab the row index then and you could use that for instance to set the value. What was your method for attaining the max month data? With that we can tell you the best way to extract the balance value at the same time


I used assign to save the value of last month in a variable.

The lookup datatable activity should fit your purposes. Just use the month data and filterered table to look up the value in the balance column

since i am new to the Uipath, so just getting to know the basics and everything.
So help me with the syntax and command example for it please.

Here’s an example but you’ll have to implement it yourself, it’s honestly quite easy so give it a go

thanx @Ellboy

Let me try.

using add to collection and it is showing “Column” does not belong to table.

Make sure you’re using the correct column name are instead you can use the index