Extracting coloured texts from tables in Webpage

Hi All,
Need to extract blue coloured texts from a web page.

The webpage contains multiple tables and we have to extract rows (from all tables) which contain texts in blue colour. For a different transaction the tables will be changed and coloured texts can appear in any of the table.

@ppr Please help.

First step is to do an Analysis or crosscheck by you

  • Can colored Text bei identified within a selector e.g by class, Tag, Style information

  • Are you experienced to write a Javascript function returning information which row Had colored Text returning an information with those row Indexes

  • Is the Text in a cell partly or Fully colored

These questions I cannot answer due i dont have the Option to do this Analysis. Once you have cleared These questions and some Others then an appropriate solution approach can be choosen.

Sure If this Website is Public then please provide the url and WE can assist you more direct by this analysis

Thanks for the update via message that our worked out solution were sucessfully. So let me summarize from my end on what we had done for it.

  • Analyzing the webpage gave us the trigger that color info is a style information on html rows
  • with datascrapping we can retrieve the data from table
  • with find children we can look for the table rows and readout the style attribute
  • via the row index we can map the color info to the datarows

Reacting on the unfixed number of datatables again we can use find children and using the information e.g for selector dynamics for the data scrapping

Maybe you can add some lessons learned from your side to the solution description. Thanks

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