Extracting certain text in a column based on positioning

My current predicament is that I have two columns the first one being empty and the second with a list of strings. The strings in the second column each contain 6 words in which the first five are all constant, only the 6th word is different. I am trying to extract the 6th word of each string and paste it to its adjacent cell.
xx xx xx xx xx aa
Extract aa and paste to the column on its left. aa is not constant and there is a space between each word.


CellValueAsString.Substring(CellValueAsString.Length - 2, 2)

Take a for each acitivty and
First split the string in the second column by space and store in an array as
array=split(“string”," ")…now take the last index word from the array as array[5] and store in a another vavariable and paste it to its left left column…
row(0)=variable.tostring…this will repeat for the all row in the second column.