ExtractClientInfo Error......Assignment1 UiPath Advanced.... Need help ASAP

Currently Working On Uipath Adavnced Level3 Assigment1.
need Urgent help . I am stuck with this assignment since 1 week.
getting Error something like this .

Not able to understand why its looping and getting only first item .


What you indicated with Find Image activity. BOT is not able to find that image and try to validate that image and see.

Better use Element Exists or Image Exists activity to indicate that screen. If it exists continue process else stop processing it.

Hi Lakshman ,
Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile: Will Try That . But I am also wondering Why I am getting only First Work Item eg: 992445.

I incremented Transaction number in process transaction

Hi I tried element exist and flag is returning false.what is the problem? not able to get it.

then tried to use Get text activity for client ID . throwing selector error now .
Error : Get OCR Text ‘B’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <webctrl tag=‘B’ /
need urgent help .


If you are automating this on chrome browser then have you enabled chrome extension for UiPath ?

I remember all the elements in ACME systems should be easily recognizable and have reliable selectors. There is no need for OCR or Image based activities.

And regarding the transaction item, although you increase transaction number the same should be used in Get transaction state to pick the next item if you are using datarow as transaction item.

If you are using queues then because of application error it is still going to the same item. Please recheck the flow again I am sure you will find it

Thanks for your Reply . I am Automating it in IE browser. Currently working on it and trying to find out . Recently Got this output .


and what do you mean by " remember all the elements in ACME systems should be easily recognizable and have reliable selectors."
I didn’t get it actually . What activity should I use then?

@bijonweb Please attach the process file in which you are facing this issue

@vinaynasani Sent a message. Please check.

Hi Bijon,

I have noticed that you are using a selector which is not reliable.

If you revise the foundation course it was mentioned that where ever you find idx in selector then those should be better replaced with a proper reliable attribute.
so remove this part ( " webctrl idx=‘1’ tag=‘B’" ) and substitute it with a proper attribute like this (" <webctrl tag=‘H1’ aaname=‘Work Items* class=‘page-header’ />"). It should work.

All the best

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@vinaynasani … Thank you so much.It worked :slightly_smiling_face: now getting some error in next page .Looks like similar kind of issue.

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