Extract zip archive error: end of central directory record could not found

**I try to unzip files from RAR (and 7z) archive.

But it throws an exception (at screenshot below:):

When I do the same things for ZIP it successfully works!
Please help me to extract files from RAR and 7z archives!

Thank you in advance!

I use parameters for UnZip activity like at screenshot below:

Please help anyone.

I hope if anyone from UiPath can help us to resolve this query?

Hi @Konstantin @ASinha

This seems to be a custom activity package designed to only unpack the zip files. This is most likely why it doesn’t work for other types of files.

You might want to search for an activity pack that will support other types of compressed files.


I am using System.IO.Compression.ZipFile via the Invoke Method Activity using ‘ExtractToDirectory’ method. I am trying to extract a ‘.gz’ file and it gives me the same error.

I tried executing the same code with .zip files, it is working perfectly fine.