Extract value from a selector

I am trying to extract the value from the selector. The value I want is 55 from parentid. After getting the value using the Find Element activity, I am passing this to the Matches activity and using this regex “(\d*)”, I am trying to get only the digit. But I am not getting the desired output.

My Selector: <html app='msedge.exe' title='LinkedIn' /><webctrl aaname=' Smart Automation Architect | Expert BA | Product Manage*' parentid='ember55' tag='SPAN' />

If there is a better to extract the value from the selector please let me know. I’m a newbie.

I’d appreciate any help in the right direction.

Hi @hacback17

Use get Attribute to get the parentid attribute from the selector and use the Regex pattern to match only digits!


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Awesome, that helped @pravin_calvin! Appreciate your help.

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