Extract value for a particular key from dictionary


I have a dictionary variable of type (string ,integer)

Example: dict(string,int)= {{“Major”,2},{“Minor”,1}}

I want assign key=value like below sample
Example output


How can we assign key=value…?

Have a look here for working with Dictionaries

we can swap by the following

dict1| Dictionary(Of string,int32)- {{“Major”,2},{“Minor”,1}}

Assign Activity:
dictSwapped | Dictionary(Of int32, String) =
dict1.ToDictionary(Function (x) x.Value, Function (x) x.Key)

I don’t required to be swap…
I want
And so on…

see the shared link it is sharing all needed info with you like

myDict = new Dictionary(Of String, int32)From {{"Major",2},{"Minor",1}}

Hey You can use the below method,

for each item in dictonary ->(ForEach activity)
String.Format(“{0} = {1}”,item.Key,item.Value)

Hey @yashashwini2322 ,

Please refer below screenshot

I want to make key as variable … and value to be assigned to that variable as shown in below.but it’s giving an error.please guide me

Hey @yashashwini2322

Try below screenshot

maybe you are looking for this:
YourDictVar(YourKeyStringVar) = yourValue

Yes… correct
Dictionary key as variable = dictionaryvalue as value

@yashashwini2322 ,

Variable1 is my dictionary variable

Hope it helps you out!

Assign activity: dict(“Major”) = 2
Assign activity dict(“Minor”) = 1

Then to retrieve the values you just use dict(“Major”) and dict(“Minor”)

If you’re trying to type them, display them in a Log Message etc then you use dict(“Major”).ToString etc