Extract\Unzip activity

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Iam using unzip activity to unzip the zip files so inside that zip files there are 2 files one is pdf file and another is XLSX File…But it is only extracting pdf’s from all the zip files it is not exracting xlsx…When i tick the option extract to dedicated folder it is extracting both files in dedicated folder.

what is the point iam missing?

If this option is selected, the contents of the zip file are extracted to a folder with the zip file name that is created in the destination folder. If not selected, the contents are extracted directly to the destination folder. This option is selected by default.

If selecting the “Extract to dedicated folder” option works for you and extracts both PDF and XLSX files correctly, you can continue using this option. It will create a folder for each zip file and extract all contents, including PDFs and XLSX files, into those folders.

Ensure that the XLSX files are present in the root directory of the zip files, not inside subdirectories. The Unzip activity, by default, may not extract files from subdirectories within the zip archive unless you choose the “Extract to dedicated folder” option.

Cheers @Priyesh_Shetty1

@Palaniyappan After this extraction i want that bot should attach all the files in mail body and it should mail it to user.

Yeah you can do that

Get the files as a list of filepath using a assign activity like this

List_filepath = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(yourStringFolderPath).ToList()

Now pass this to ATTACHMENTCOLLECTIONS property in mail activity

Cheers @Priyesh_Shetty1

@Palaniyappan after entering the main folder path iam not getting the files attachecd in mail body.