Extract unstrucured Data From PDF and not with a fixed Position on each Page

Hi, I’m trying to extract unstructured data in a PDF based on keywords.The same data is available in multiple pages, starting from the second page and the keyword/data is not at the same position on every page. I used activities like get OCR Text,Anchor Base,Scrapings,etc. Is there anyway to extract the same data in multiple pages based on the occurrence of the keyword rather than it’s position.
Please help me If there’s any solution for this problem.
Thank you …

What exactly is the unstructured data? What happens with Anchorbase?

I mean the required data is not at same position in different pages and the PDF is a Scanned Medical Reports.

@sravan_kumar Get the index of the word you are searching for.Then Use Substring() to retrieve the data

The data is changing from page to page .If Iam using the way you suggested,It is no extracting all the required Data.

Has someone managed to solve this?

anyone solved?