Extract the string(in multiple positions) from a text file/PDF

Hi There,

Could you please help me with the issue that I am facing it?

I have a PDF file which I have extracted and written in a text file. Now I want to scan the entire file and extract the string “name” which is in multiple places in the same file.

Hi ! Would you mind sharing with us samples ? (xaml and/or txt files)

Unfortunately I can’t share the text file as it is internal, let me prepare a sample file and can share

NaniSample.txt (1.3 KB)

I have uploaded a sample file, in that string “Pavan” appeared in multiple places. We need to locate the string “Pavan”

Alright, but what exactly is the name you want to extract ?
Pavan Inc Services
Pavan Inc
Because what i could suggest you is to always get data between “Request for " and " Customer’s products”, is that what you need ? In the txt file, then what would be extracted would be “Pavan Inc Services”

I need exactly to extract “Pavan Inc” from the file and display it on the console

Ok, i"ll send to you in a few minutes the workflow

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Thanks alot Hiba for your support

Sorry for the delay, i suggest using substring method, we can do the same with regexSubstring_company_name.xaml (6.6 KB)

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Thanks Alot Hiba, dont say sorry, you helped me,… thanks again for wonderful support

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Let me know if the result matches what is expected so we could work on it :slight_smile: