Extract the PDF Footer

How to extract the footer on the PDF File. Anyone have idea then please inform me.

Hi @vivekramani20 .Please try this code. This was done through spire pdf
Dim buffer As New StringBuilder()
Using pdf As New PdfDocument()
pdf.LoadFromFile(“input pdf”)
Dim count As Integer = pdf.Pages.Count
Dim margin As PdfMargins=pdf.PageSettings.Margins
Console.WriteLine(“Page count is”& count)
Dim pen1 As New PdfPen(System.Drawing.Color.Red, 1F)
For Each page As PdfPageBase In pdf.Pages
buffer.Append(page.ExtractText(New System.Drawing.RectangleF(margin.Left,page.ActualSize.Height-72,page.Canvas.ClientSize.Width - margin.Left - margin.Right,60)))
Next page
Console.WriteLine(“Page text is”& buffer.ToString)
End Using