Extract the first and last value in a dynamic drop down menu

Hi, can anyone help me out.

  1. extract the data in a drop down menu.
  2. The first value and last value in a drop down menu
    3.Drop down menu is a dynamic . count varies .

Hi is it web based application? @Piraisoodan_J

yes.it is.

Hi @Piraisoodan_J

Then using uiexplorer indicate the drop down and check in which attribute u can see the all the drop-down values (mostly it will be innertext attribute)

Then try to get the drop-down values using get attribute activitiy and select the attribute u need and store the results in string varible

If u look the attribute u may see there may be some spaces between each options

Using split option in string u can split the string obtained from get attribute and then store in array varible let’s say arr

Then to get the first value of array u can use arr(0), to get last value of array are u can use

Hope it helps you
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I have used string arr. I am getting two values in output.I mentioned arr(o).

first value @Piraisoodan_J. What is that?

Firstvalue is a array of string.

Can u Share the result.ToString


  1. first 3 value are form result.Tostring.

  2. last 2 value are from firstname(0).Tostring.—getting two values as error

From which attribute u are getting the drop-down values @Piraisoodan_J

Can u share the screenshot of that attribute values in uiexplorer

Do u have any workflow for this type activity. Ping me if u can.

Hi @Piraisoodan_J

Check this one

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