Extract the data from image

hi everyone,
I want to extract the data of some images ,and only some specific fields of data want to save in excel can anyone tell the process how can i do that thing,and i am not able to find google ocr i had install pdf activities package also , I only got googlevisionocr, microsoftocr,abby ocr,abbycloudocr
Can i know from where i can get the google ocr

Karthik Byggari

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Thank you @KarthikByggari

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Hi ,
You can use “Load Image” Activity and use it’s output variable to give input of the “Tesseract OCR” activity. After extracting the input you can use regex to extract the information if it has a pattern or you can use string manipulation to extract the specific text. Then build a Data Table and add the extracted values into the Data Table. This you can export into excel or csv according to your need

thanks for suggesting @anoopap i will try this process

Hi @Manisha541,

Check the below workflow for the template where the result of tesseract text extract is passed to the regex Matches activity.
Main.xaml (5.0 KB)

Hope this helps!

I had check your workflow but i want to save my ocr text into excel so iam using build data table how can i pass these matches text to the build data table

can anyone explain me how string manipulation can be done to extract the data of invoice no.,
it would be great help ,so that i can understand how specifies data get selected


In the workflow i have upladed above, I have used regex to retrieve invoice no. (string manipulation). Please check.

yes,i had checked it

I will explain what i had did first,
I had loaded the image and then used microsoft ocr and the to extract the data what i need i used substring method and assigned it to one variable now i want to pass that data to excel .
any suggestions how can i place my data into excel with build data table

Hi @Manisha541

Try the attached workflow. Here I used OmniPage OCR instead of Tesseract.
Please note if the OCR extracted values has any changes then the work flow will fail.

Enjoy :grinning:
Main.xaml (6.9 KB)

thank you @anoopap :blush: