Extract text from PDF



Hi All:

I am new here. Now I want to extract “Invoice” from the PDF. As below:


It doesn’t work. The problem is in the " Assign", Can you help me ?
Thanks in advanced !


What is that validation error message that shows up in Assign activity?


What kind of variable are you using in the assign?


Thanks very much ! I got it. Because the variable “Invoice” is Genericvalue, I have changed it to string, now it works fine. Thanks !:grin:


Yeah that was what I thought could happen


Yeah, I have changed it to string, now it works. Thanks ~:grinning:


Cool :+1:


Hi Harvey,

just wanted to take a step back here to make sure your general approach is correct. Are you expecting to just deal with invoices all in the same layout? In that case, this is a great and robust approach. But just wanted to warn you that dealing with different invoice format this way quickly leads to a rabbit hole and using a congitive data capture service might be a better option. An example of a UIPath tutorial for that: https://rossum.ai/blog/2018/07/30/automating-data-extraction-from-invoices-using-rossum-api-and-uipath/


Hi PetrBaudis,

Thank your very much ! It’s a powerful solution, I like it ! Of course, it’s more complex. I think I need time to learn it. By the way, what’s the meaning of rabbit hole? Sorry, I am a new beginner:grin:

Thanks in advance!


Hi PetrBaudis:

There is a problem:disappointed_relieved:

Is it about my secret_key? I just set it “123”:open_mouth:


Hi Harvey, you need to obtain your secret_key by registering at https://api.rossum.ai/sign-in - it’s a pretty straightforward process.


No worries - “rabbit hole” comes I think from the book Alice in the Wonderland :), basically a detour that never ends, a path you do not want to take.


Alice in the Wonderland:laughing: I have watched the movie:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thank you very much !