Extract table from email body

Since it is structured, i used Data scraping and this is what happens


@Palaniyappan to your question about screen scraping, here is the error:

We got three methods in screen scrapping
Like full text, native text and ocr
Is this error coming in other two methods as well

Cheers @KP6689

Hi Sourav,

I have an email table like below,


The column headers have a colspan=2 attribute.
The Table data fetched using your activity in this case is not accurate as below,

Any idea how to get the correct data for the tables which have colspan?


Hi Sarathi,
which activity used in side the attache browser before output data table activity …Thanks


The Activity is UiPath.Core.Activities.ExtractData

Thanks for your reply…

unable to find this activity (UiPath.Core.Activities.ExtractData ), Which package need to install to get this activity.


You need import this package - UiPathTeam.ExtractDataTablesFromHTML.Activities

Hi Sourav,
Thanks for creating the custom activity for extracting tables from the mail body.
But it seems this activity is only working for email extracted from outlook activity and not from O365 or ExchangeMail activity.

Is there any way of extracting tables from emails extracted by O365 or exchange activity as we are discontinuing the usage of outlook-related activity due to frequent ‘Not responding’ of outlook client.

Note: I’m converting the output of O365 get the email to List

Please provide your input.


@Vinod_Swain, try like this extract the body of the email, as you were saying to extract the Table content, so look for table tags in the body, then try to loop the “TH” tags as your data table headers and remaining “TD” tags as your content.

Dear @S_Srobot,

You can use
Get-Table-From-Email-With-UiPath.zip (16.5 KB)