Extract Table data rows to collumns

Hello guys, I have a problem that don’t know the answer to. When I take data form webpage, it outputs like this: 1 Collumn 45 rows. Is it possible to do 45 Collumns 1 row?

Can you please put the screenshot of the webpage, how exactly it is populating there?

Sure here it is

Ok, so I achieved my goal in a way by using transpose data table method. But then I ran into a different problem.
The data that i’m getting from web is in multiple rows but in one collumn. Copy paste range with transpose data table works fine, it puts the info in one row and in many collumns, but the problem is, that the robot has a loop, because it needs to get more than one data table. When I get another batch of information from web, it yet again puts it in the first row of and in multiple collumns, but could it be achieved, that it would append the range into second row, then third and so on?

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas ,

It seems that you are using the Write Range Activity also for the Second and further iterations. Could you apply a check and if it is the First Iteration use Write Range Activity and if it is other than the first use Append Range Activity.

You could use the For Loop activity’s Index property to get the iteration value.

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Thanks for the response Apran. But actually im using write data table to excel and Copy/paste range with transpose data window checked. This was the easiest way for me to achieve data transposing. But now the problem is that the data still comes out not as i want it to. Would it be possible to loop row 1, row 2 and ect by using theese activities?