Extract Table Data fails and causes Studio to freeze

I add an Extract Table Data activity to a process. Click on it and it goes to the chrome website and I go through the process of selecting columns, it assesses the number of rows correctly, then asks for the next page button. I select the next page button and the specification of the table is complete. When I press next, the dialog box goes away (as it should). But bank in Studio, the activity is not updated with the information about the table and the activities in the process are not responsive to clicking. I have to force close Studio.

Hi @neil.obrien,
Sometimes, this is happening with studio. Restart the studio and clear the cache in the browser. Try again after doing this.

@neil.obrien what Studio and UIAutomation.Activities versions are u using? Also, is the web application public so we can try to reproduce it within our environments?


Hi Sangeetha,
Unfortunately, restarting Studio and clearing the browser cache is not clearing the problem.
Thank you.

Hello Gheorghe,
I am using Studio 2022.10.3 CE and Chrome browser Version 107.0.5304.122 (Official Build) (64-bit). Project is of type Windows. Web application is not public.

Just to gather more information - what is the version of your UIAutomation package?

Also, does the same happen for any other publically available tables or just this specific one? Reproducing it on a public page would help us figure out the issue.

Hello Maciej ,
Packages look like this

I have worked around the error by copying an Extract Table activity and then using a click to get the selector and then updating the Extract Table activity with the selector from the click.

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Just to be sure, does it help to update to 20.11.0?


You are right! Updated to current versions and the problem disappeared. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

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