Extract table data activity is givin error

Hi All ,

I want to extract data from desktop application named ‘Apache Directory studio’ using Extract table data but getting below error

Below is the screen shot of application, it is a old java based desktop application-

Is this limitation of Extract table data that it is not able to extract data from such applications ?

I have used Extract data table for websites and it worked fine there but for such desktop application its not working

I have also tried another actifity data scraping that is also not working for this application.

Any suggession to make this work ?

Hi @shraddha_joshi

For active directory there are built in activities. You can utilize them.

Ok I will try them .

The question is , for this application we might have the way out but there may be another desktop applications for which the direct activity is not available and we want to extract the data in table format

How to go ahead in this case ?

Hi @shraddha_joshi , if the role of the element is not “table” then using Extract Data is not possible. You may need to find workarounds using FindChildren activity and iterating through all of them.

Let me try this approach .