Extract table data activity does not have support when next button is not avaialble for the application

Hi All ,

I am using ‘extract table data’ activity for one website to extract all the users.

For this site, next button is not available and has below design

Its like click on A to see the user name starting from A , click on B to see username starting from B … etc

As the next button is not availabe I am not able to use Extract Table Data activity as it doesnt recognize A , B , … Z letters .

Any suggestion here ?

Can you provide link of these web page?

The web application is salesforce.com

Here I am trying to extract users.

Can we try it by Using Free Trial?

yes, you can create free trial account.

Hello @shradha.joshi

Plz change the category from feedback to help for this question.

Also for the extraction, if the next button is not working, we can think about this process in another way.

just inspect on any of the 2 page numbers(A,D) using UiEXPLORER and share the screenshot here.
There should be some attrbiute which we can change to dynamic to meet your requirement.

Means , I need to click on every letter and do the data scraping as Extract table data is not working right ?

Why not just click All?

Then do you get a Next button? Or does it show all the records on one page? Either way, now the Extract will work fine.

please try to use extract data inside while loop and try to use merge table by append

step1 while loop

step2 extract data

step3 merge with previous scrap

for salesforce if you trying to scrap data please go with salesforce activities

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If there is no other option then for navigation you canntry clicking each page number by dynaically passing the page number.

Check some attribute is ther like idx=1,idx=2 or something else. Also if you click on All what is happening??

yes clicking all users might work .

is it available by default ? Do I need to add any additional package for it ?

Thanks , I will try to use it .

its additional package you can search from manage package


Thanks , Will check it.

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