Extract Subtitles from any video(Web/Youtube/Standalone applications) for which the subtitle is merged



What is the use case

We see many videos with the emphasis on what it is being spoken in the video. Especially in tutorial videos, we tend to take notes of whatever is being told by the speaker. In this case, if we have an automation script to extract the subtitles with ease, we would save a lot of time noting down what they are saying.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

-> Run the video file from any given source such as Web pages, independent files, youtube, etc

-> Read the length of the video and start a timer in the form of delay and initiate a String for the subtitles

 |-> Focus on the bottom middle part of the video and take periodic screenshots of the video

 |-> Scrape text from the screenshots using Google OCR since it works well even with low resolution images

 |-> Append each OCR extract to the String with the current value of the delay

-> Once the delay ends, consider that the video ended and stop taking screenshots

-> Add the final String to a .txt file and provide a Find Directory option to the user , so that the robot can save the path where the user wants to save the file.

-> Save the file in the destined path given by the user.


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