Extract Structured Data returns duplicate rows in the DT

Hey, guys

I am encountering strange issue using Extract Structured Data from company website.
After the extraction is complete the rows in the data table are somehow doubled.

I will highly appreciate, if you can give me some advise on how I can fix the problem.

Interesting is that another robot, scraping the same structured data, returns the correct format (not duplicating the DT).

Studio v18.4.1


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Is Uipath version same in both machines ?

Yes, they are.


Could you please try one more time and check whether it is giving same output.

And also you are using old version of Uipath studio. Try to update it to latest version and also many new features in the latest version.

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Unfortunately the output is the same and we can’t upgrade to newer version atm.

@Phoenixxx If there are duplicate rows, maybe using Remove Duplicate Rows Activity on the Datatable received might be a Quick fix for now, again if the data is supposed to have duplicates it might be a problem :sweat_smile:

Hi @Phoenixxx May be it is storing the old data in Data table, you can clear data table by using Clear Data TableActivity.


Yes, it is supposed to have duplicates in the data.

What do you mean by old data? The dt is declared as New System.Data.DataTable before the scrapping.

@Phoenixxx Maybe a Data Scraping done in the different way maybe able to get you the right output, as this post suggests. You can Configure each Columns One by One.