Extract structured data - data scraping can be enhanced


Hi ,
Today I faced an issue where I was able to extract the transaction related data from table which had around 79 pages table data and I spanned the multiple pages as “yes” ,when I tried to run the data I found that once it was extracting 4 pages and stopping and then sometimes 8 pages and then stopping without any error
I did research that is the selector getting changed of the arrow button which iterates me to next pages well after keen observation I found that there was nothing related to selectors change but I was something related to activate ,
The arrow button lost its activation/ has focus and it didn’t click properly on that.
Then I Manually used click to iterate ,it failed but when I used simulate click then it worked like charm from this I arrived at a solution below mentioned
Then I manually looped with the activate activity and the extract structured data with a single page extraction it worked like charm this time for each n every page till 79 pages and extracted the whole data accurately

Solution for above problem is that I can suggest UiPath is that -
Can we implement an option something like simulate click/activate property under the properties panel of extract structured data activity which would solve this kind of problem !!!
I hope UiPath comes with the solution soon for this