Extract Structure Data Not Scarping Data from WebPage, MetaData, NextLinkSelector

I want to extract the Job Title and URL of the Job from the Indeed Website. Initially, I successfully executed the code in July Month but now when I opened my code, Extract Structure Data Activity is not able to extract the Table from the website. I tried a lot but not getting the result, I don’t know why?
Here is my file:


	<column exact='1' name='Job Title' attr='text' name2='URL' attr2='href'>
		<webctrl tag='div' class='jobsearch-SerpJobCard unifiedRow row result clickcard'/>
		<webctrl tag='h2' class='title' idx='1'/>
		<webctrl tag='a' class='jobtitle turnstileLink ' idx='1'/>


<webctrl css-selector='body&gt;table&gt;tbody&gt;tr&gt;td&gt;table&gt;tbody&gt;tr&gt;td&gt;nav&gt;div&gt;ul&gt;li&gt;a&gt;span' idx='5' parentid='resultsCol' tag='SPAN' />

Also, when I open the NextLinkSelector, it does not open Selector Editor, instead, it opens Expression Editor, I don’t know why??

I would love to get some suggestions to get the table from the link.
Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Phoenix005

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  1. the nextlinkselector uses css-selector, if the style-sheet changes then your nextlinkselector will need to be updated again. remove css-selector and add/remove additional attributes - use UiExplorer for this

  2. do the data extraction again for this month and compare selectors of previous month against current month. See any differences or similarities ? Check for static and dynamic values.

Still not working, could you please check the XAML file at your end. thanks in advance.

Hi @Phoenix005

The Use Browser is MS Edge but Extract DataTable is Google Chrome. Try change Use Browser to Google Chrome.

Hello @GreenTea,

I have changed the browser, but still not working. I think there must be a problem with EXTRACTMETADATA, because it is not able to extract the TITLE & LINK of the opportunity.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Phoenix005

I cannot replicate the selectors as the webpage seems changed already. However, I notice the activities are not group correctly. All activities are contained in attach browser will caused the rest of the activities become partial selectors instead of full selectors.

  1. There is no need to group all activities under attach browser.
    reason: extract structured data will have a different web page after search results returned

  2. Remove activities not relevant to attach browser, should only have Navigate To, Type Into (x2) and Click find jobs

  3. Extract structured data and the rest of the activities should not be grouped inside attach browser.