Extract specific text from Word Doc

Hi, I am new to UIPath. I have a requirement to open a word doc from a folder which also contains an email file. I need to extract specific information like State, Final Amount, Facility Name, Number of beds and write into an excel file. Here is a sample format of the letter.
The screenshot is actually a table inside the word doc.

Dear Mr. X ,

The State of Virginia has approved the In-Person Visitation Aid application submitted by YYYY Care Facility for $2923.32 to implement in-person visitations in the following facility/facilities:


Any help would be appreciated

Hi…@arunasan …If you are allowed to use CV activities…you can try that…here is the output using CV activities…


But there are few questions… Is your table rows can grow?? is your table in the form of image or word table ??

@prasath17 , Thank you for responding. I will have multiple folders like 1011-FACL1011 , 1012-FACL1012, 1013-FACL1013 and so on… Each folder will have an email msg and a word doc.
Right now, we are doing the work manually like opening the word doc and getting the information needed. We want to automate it at least partially if not fully. The table is in the form of word table. Each word doc may have a similar table with one or more rows. PLease let me know if you have any more questions.

I am currently able to loop through the folders and get the word doc in each. I tried to extract the state name using screen scraping but i am getting the entire text instead of just the state name. Please let me know if I am missing something.

@arunasan - During screen scraping…You can press F3 and choose selected region of your choice…