Extract specific text from web and save it in a particular cell in Excel in an ordered manner

Hi Guys,

Say, I have Excel list of products with URLs (I know how to make UiPath to open each one and start extracting).

But, I need to extract particular text (NOT TABLE, but random text) from each product details page and save it in Excel in an ordered manner – such as 1st product details in row A1>F1, 2nd product details in row B2>F2 etc.

In addition, I need to save particular text in particular cell in Excel, for example: Product name – A1, Display size – B1, Price – C1 etc.

How to do that? Please help.

Here are URLs of 2 example products for your reference:

Thanks in advance!


I hope you are getting data from web using data scraping and storing in a data table. Then loop though the data table and use write cell activity to write in the excel.

Just using data scraping and for each row activity, then inside that, use excel application scope and write cell to write data. Everytime to increase the cell you write data, declare a variable and increase its count by one and provide the range in write cell as “A” + variable.tostring

Hi Hareesh,

Thank you for reply.

If possible could you please share with me .xaml file?
Because I tried myself but I dont know how to load data into data table correctly. By some reason it doesnt output it into the excel file, it stays empty.


As per the screenshots above, you need to simply use add data column activity.

Can you explain how are getting the data from the web?

I have attached a workflow, butt it doesnt work… please take a look.
As far as I understand this is how it should look like, but I have no idea how to set right setting for each step. Your advice would be highly appreciated.
WebDataScrap1.xaml (10.7 KB)


Hey congrats on your anniversary with UiPath. Hope you have a great year ahead.

Here is some workflow you can understand a bit. I’m a bit busy today and will send you the exact workflow by the EOD.ScreenScraping.zip (2.4 KB)

Thank you Hareesh,

I checked out your workflow… the thing is I understand how to scrap data using Data Scraping button. It works only if the data is structured as a TABLE. What I want to learn is how to scrap specific data at random places on the web page and store it in Data Table.

Will be waiting for your next workflow.

Thank you for the help.