Extract specific text from e-mail email

Can anyone help me
How to extract a particular text from e-mail


You can use RegEx Check this

You can also use string functions like index of to find the index of string then use substring function to extract the string from email.

Can you say in detail

Can you send the main function


I explain you with example we use string functions index of and substring used in vb.net.

Here we use index function to find the index of text to find before it then use substring function to extract the data after it ,

“Quicklook ID” is a string before the extracted word .

Store this in a variable ind1 = message.Body.tostring.IndexOf(“Quicklook ID”)

                                Str1= message.body.tostring.Substring(ind1,message.Body.ToString.IndexOf("Division")-ind1)

We use “Division” is string after specific word to extract and then we remove the string which index we have given.

In case of any issue please let me know.

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But still I get error

Can you please share a sample e-mail content with the specific text that is to be extracted?

1542783071941_mailread.xaml (7.2 KB)
Could you please recheck this and send the correct one

Check this. 1542783071941_mailread.xaml (9.5 KB)

But I have occurred error
“Workflow designer encounter problems with you document”

Can you able view the content of workflow if not executing? You should check the variable section how RegEx is used

Thanks let will check it