Extract specific Page

I extract using Table extraction…I want to extract page 11 to 20…
How its possible?

Hi @raja_ias ,

Maybe you could try Selecting the 11th Page first in the Table by using a Click Activity. Then Perform the Data Scraping/Table Extraction.

If there is no page number being mentioned, You would require to use a While Loop and Perform the Clicking of the Next Button, until the counter turns to 11.

We could get to know what could be a more significant approach if you could provide us with some screenshots of the Pagination of the Table.


Hope you are trying to extract from the web page. Then there should be some page number and the next button.

You can use a while loop and initialise i =7.
Click on the page number(page number will be having some identifier), extract and increase the variable i =i +1

Then use a write range