Extract Specific Data from Multiple PDF

Hi Guys,

I have pdf in multiple names, i need to loop the pdf as each pdf need to perform different task
my pdf are in name:

i need to use if condition like if bot picks first PDF it has to perform specific task.
if it picks second pdf it has to perform specific task.
How to differentiate the pdf?

Thanks in advance !!

@Vinutha_L, You can use Switch-Case activity, case the first ones name do something, im not sure how are good are you with UiPath Dev

@SenzoD Thank you,

Yes, i recently started learning development in ‘uipath’.

@Vinutha_L, alright cool, if you need further assistance, let me know

hi @SenzoD,
Thank you so much. Sure !! am trying in switch case, if i need further assistance i would let u know.