Extract specific column data from excel file

have a look here:
farheenfatma61_V2.0.xaml (15.1 KB)

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Showing error
Error is - ‘AsEnumerable’ is not a member of ‘System.Data.DataTable’

have a look here for fixing

thank you error is resolved but its not extracting the remaining data .
Sheet is coming blank for the remaining data in output

Tests at my end did work. Crosscheck at your end all path/Worksheetnames…
Are you working with the same data (as provided here in Thread) or different data?

Just give a try on first resolution


test.xlsx (8.1 KB)

Its not working in my side …blank page is coming for reaming data extraction in output sheet.
I attached a test data sheet that i am using.

I cant share u the exact sheet becoz of confidentiality …so i attached a similar kind of sheet

Code is working correct.
From above the requirement was given to look for Successo (2c in the word)
the second table is containing Sucesso (1c in the word)

So the filtering is not recognizing the groups
I would recommend that you incorporate some variables that you centralized manage the filter terms.
However Spelling differences are not Bugs in the implementation


its working for the same excel file containing two sheet but when i try to extract the remaining data to some other excel file like Book5.xlsx its not working there. Can u plz check.

study the code and get familiar with the building blocks.
In case of failure check your data also. (Spelling differences, blanks after the keywords …)

by mistake i type the wrong spelling there.


I already correct the spelling… but when i try to extract remaining data to some other excel file its coming blank there.


Thank you so much its working …You can close it.

Just feel free to do testing as needed.As you are the author of the topic you only can close it by marking the solving post as solution.