Extract response choices from Survey type pdf file

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know how can I extract the response options (as shown in screenshot below) from a survey pdf file.

Survey has a list of questions and answer choices for user to respond and I would like to extract all the response options and not the user choice


As shown in image above, I would like to extract both “Yes” and “No” (no numbers 1. and 2.) from the pdf and put it as two rows in Excel sheet. Similarly my survey has 50 questions and I would like to do this for rest of the questions as well. I cannot share the survey as it’s confidential. Every response has that “box” figure to mark the response

Any help is appreciated


Hi there,

Seems like an interactive rich PDF. Can you share a sample PDF so that I can try and come up with a solution?

Hi there i would like to check for a solution to this, much appreciated.