Extract Perticular or inbetween Field from one excel and paste in other excel

hello guys
i have one excel Stmt.xlsx which contains one column(“Description”) which contains data like(REN YLY 0313478930 GUBBANNA)from that i want to extract only number this 0313478930 and remove first 0 so want final output like 313478930 and paste in another excel.here send you my stmt.xlsxstmt.xlsx (43.4 KB)

You can achieve this by using a regular expression. Make sure you import the System.Text.RegularExpression namespace under imports. Now just replace all non-numerical characters with an empty string. Then Trim the 0 from the start.

example: Regex.Replace(“REN YLY 0313478930 GUBBANNA”, “\D”,"").TrimStart("0"C)

do u have any workflow,ok i will try this

Main.xaml (5.1 KB)

in my excel i want it for my total column(“Descriotion”) stmt.xlsx (43.4 KB) and paste in another excel

Here is a full working XAML for what you are trying to do. Please remember to mark as the answer if this helps you. Main.xaml (11.9 KB)

thanks antonroux

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