Extract PDF To Excel conversion

Request to kindly help in providing solution to extract data from PDF and transfer data into excel sheets.

Attached is the sample PDF. We need to scrape the data under the mentioned headers.

Therefore the main requirement is to scrape the data under the headers in the PDF file and transfer the same into excel sheets.


Did you try with below component?

Also, if you have some knowledge on Python then you can look below also

Hope these may help you



Have you tried using this activity ?

Also, this video contains different use cases for the same.


@Santhosh_Kumar3 Is the pdf contains only single header

Also, Give a try with try with

  • Get OCR Text or
  • Regular Expressions

Can you share the sample pdf if possible

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your information
Kindly note this error and gave solution for me

Sorry mam, It have secured file by my company. So I don’t have Rights to share that file.
I try to gave some other PDF File like same Format

Mam Kindly Find that PDF Attachment
IPL.pdf (12.0 KB)

Hello @Santhosh_Kumar3 ,

If you are not able to use the above-provided activities, you can try the normal method for pdf automation.

1)Open the pdf
2)Use Get Text activity or record it using App/Web Recorder.
3)Use Build Datatable and add the Data to the Table
4)Use a Write Range to write the DataTable to the Excel file.