Extract pdf table data into an Excel

Could somebody tell me why I get the errror " This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly" ? I updated all Project Dependencies.

If package is missing then only this error will come so cross check once that activity belongs to which packages and install it .

I m not able to run workflow. Can you tell me which activity is missing?

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hello @Divyashreem

I have trying to run your xaml but could nt the activities …Please fine below screenshot and help me

@Janga_Shiva_Raj If you click F8 you will see in the output what activities are missing. Install these packages and then you should be able to use the workflow.

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@48ce829c9a2f170eb23f thanks for the suggestion. This works perfectly for when within each row the columns are separated by space but each item doesn’t have spaces inside. but how to make it work for when within each cell there are spaces and there is no fixed pattern on number of rows?

for example, in one of the samples provided above, the string is rows separated by newline like below. so in this case when i process each row how do i split in in order to put driver and car separately, especially if the number of words are not fixed? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Hi Divya,

I cannot exact the PDF File data in excel, Please guide.

Thanks for the F8 answer. The only thing seen was this: NU3034: Package ‘BitMiracle.Docotic.Pdf 5.10.9957’ from source ‘https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json’: This package is signed but not by a trusted signer.

I installed that package and still getting same “This activity is missing…” Do you know what all the packages actually are in this Main? Thanks much for your help, Dan


Sorry for the late reply. No I don’t know which activities are missing sadly. Most likely it is the package you found which isn’t from a trusted signer.