Extract Part of PDF Text

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I’m trying to extract the multiple values from PDF file as shown in the attachment.Can anyone suggest me the process of how we can extract these Key-Value pairs?
(Extracting data from multiple pdf files and putting the data in an excel sheet)


Hi @PDcoder

Is this mulitple pdf data has different format ?

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Hi @pattyricarte,
The data format is same in all the PDFs


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Hi @PDcoder

What activities did you use to extract the value from PDF ?Do you have already an xaml files for this ?

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Hi @PDcoder,
Use the read PDF with OCR Activities in the PDF activities package for extracting accurately.

Hello @PDcoder,

If these are native pdf files (nod scanned files) you can use the Read PDF text activity.
The result will be a text String.

You should apply after that some Substring operations or also you can use REGEX to match specific patterns. (you can test regex here: https://regex101.com/)

If you have specific errors, post here some screenshots.