Extract other languages

Can we extract the different language?
I have a french/hindi pdf, where I am doing scrapping. But the thing is after changing the language from the screen scraper wizard, I am not able to extract the other language.
Let me suggest if anyone knows.


Hello ,

kindly suggest please, if anyone have any ideas.


@ddpadil any idea ?

Hell there,
Looks like you need to have tessdata of each lanaguge you want to scrape.
please download your lanaguage.traineddata file and place is it tessdata folder.

My PDF page contains English + Thai languages, if we change OCR Reader language it to Thai , Thai is characters are good, however English being converted to Thai. do we have any option to read two languages from the same page at a one go.

Hi ravi,
Did you find any solution for this problem? as i am facing the same issue now.

Hi @hemal,

yeah it will work …
use screen scraping and scrape the data which you want
And change scraping method as full text


If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

I am sorry, did follow it up afterwards, After my query UI Path team has discussed about creating improvement in that space in further versions…I hope they could have incorporated the solution by now in new versions.