"Extract only Todays date and yesterdays date and add to it Queue"

Hi Everyone,

I want to extract from a website Todays date and yesterdays date of Payment Date and corresponding amount and add it to queue for further processing.

May I know how to achieve it.
Thanks in advance

First Data Scrape it …Output : DT


DT = DT.Asenumerable.Where(Function(r) CDate(r(0).Tostring).Date=Now.Date OrElse CDate(r(0).Tostring).Date=Now.AddDays(-1).Date).Copytodatatable

To proceed with a solution for this, we would like you to clarify a few points:

  1. Structure of data on the website (is it in table format.?).
  2. If there are multiple entries for the current/ previous day, do you want the robot to get the sum of payments to add it to the queue.? (From above picture 08/15/2022 → 300, 08/14/2022 → 315)

Hi @saritha - It would be helpful to analyze more on this if you could share a website screenshot