Extract only one row from csv

I have a CSV file in which I need to extract the data in the 12th row completly and add that data in mail body how can I achieve this…

Thank you

Hi @sanjay_gowda

You can read the csv file it will give you a datatable then you can get the values from 12th row like below



Hi @sanjay_gowda,

You can take the 12th row like -

For the email part can you explain a bit more on the requirement part


Hai @Shikhar_Tandon
I have a CSV file in that file I have 2 columns and 13 rows I need to take the 12th row value completly i.e value of 1st column and value of 2nd column from 12th row and add those values in mail body …

To Take the 12th row you can refer my above solution and for mail part refer the below link