Extract only a part of data from excel cells and write them into wepage text field

I have an excel sheet which contains a list of items which are needed to uploaded to wepage text field one by one.
So the challenge is
My excel column has inputs like Header Header2
ABCGLG= 21.3
CDEGLG= .345
OMNGLG= .627
and so on…
From this excel sheet i want to write this data into web page textfield but Header1 data should only be extracted as
this"=" should not be there while Writing header1 data to webpage text fields.

Any suggestions…asap

Hi there @somya177,
I would extract all the information and then manipulate the values, as required.

For example:

For Each row In dtExample
> Assign - row.Item("Header") = row.Item("Header").ToString.Replace("=","")
End For Each

The end result should be that dtExample, contains all your information, but the Header column will have any instances of ‘=’ removed.

Thanks in advance,

@somya177 check attached zip file

ExlStrringOperationForWeb.zip (8.8 KB)